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Posted On: 7/22/2009

Eliot Hotel Taps In-Room Concierge to Uncover Additional Revenue Prospects
Pascale Schlaefli, General Manager, The Eliot Hotel
For the past 70 years, The Eliot Hotel has been a Boston landmark, known for its excellent service, world-class amenities, award-winning dining and alluring boutique atmosphere. The property constantly strives to improve the overall guest experience, whether it be the addition of flat-panel, high definition televisions and soundproof windows that block the city noise to offering guests complimentary access to the Boston Sports Club and providing overnight shoeshine services.

The drop in travel that resulted from the economic slump presented The Eliot's management team with an interesting predicament; how to continue improving the guest experience and setting the hotel apart from the competition. After searching for an edgy option to streamline hotel operations, the management team was sold on the concept of an in-room property management solution that would allow guests to do everything from ordering room service to calling their car from valet with the touch of a button. A property management solution goes beyond a basic in-room concierge to include monitoring services, reporting on all hotel systems and tools to enhance the overall guest experience.

With several guest products available, the management team considered the options, most of which come with a high price tag and without the complete solution that The Eliot Hotel desired or needed. The new and cost-effective ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) from Intelity caught the attention of The Eliot Hotel's management team. As a complete in-room solution, ICE allows The Eliot Hotel guests to schedule amenities and request services both on-property and off. The user-friendly interface is basic enough for any guest to operate. ICE utilizes in-room touchscreen computers and cell phones to grant guests access to the system constantly. If a guest requests housekeeping at a specific time, ICE alerts the staff of the request and contacts the guest via text message once the task is complete.

Activity tracking
The biggest selling feature for The Eliot Hotel, is the backend monitoring solution that tracks activity around the hotel, measures service time and presents its own return on investment, a dream-come-true for a small independent hotel. Intelity promises to find revenue by maximizing the efficiency of the staff and allowing management to up-sell additional rooms and services. With a minimum financial risk associated, ICE offered the innovative customer service options that the management team was looking for.

Since the installation of ICE, everyone is adjusting well to using the solution and the management team is already maximizing the back-end monitoring system to track hotel activity. The guests, most of which have been business travelers, are finding Intelity's technology easy to use and more efficient than traditional guest service options.

With 27 years of hospitality experience, Pascale Schlaefli is a graduate of Hotel School of Lausanne and the daughter of a Swiss diplomat. Since joining The Eliot Hotel 13 years ago, Schlaefi helped it become a four-diamond hotel, be voted as "One of the Best Hotels in the World" by Travel and Leisure and be named Boston's Best Boutique Hotel by Boston Magazine.

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